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Catapult Your Blog Into Success - Drive Traffic, Increase Growth, Maximise Profitability

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Includes 5 eBooks  - $175 if bought separately 

So, you have your website ready.

You have written a few posts.

But now what?

How do you go from starting a blog to catapulting it into success?

The truth is, blogging is a journey that can be overwhelming for beginners. I know the feeling of not knowing where to begin or where to go next with my blog. Seeing established bloggers gain tons of views and make a stable income for their websites... but feeling as if those goals are a lifetime away.

I was in the same position as you less than 2 years ago.

I Am Here To Help

I have been blogging since September 2018. In my first year of blogging, I achieved over 1 million views to my website BrighterCraft.com. This enabled me to generate a significant 5-figure income for 2019 as a whole. Helping fellow bloggers drive traffic, increase growth, and maximise profitability is why I do what I do.

Here's The Offer

You will receive all 5 of my eBooks, which have a value of $175.

You will learn how to use Pinterest to drive unlimited and free traffic to your blog, turn your blog into a money-making machine, understand the secrets of creating a successful blog, create a defining brand, and tackle bad habits to develop a productive routine.

Ebooks included:

Big Pin Energy

The Growth Blueprint

  • What Pinterest is and why it's beneficial to you.
  • How to sign up to Pinterest.
  • Optimising your profile for success.
  • What rich pins are and how to configure them.
  • How to create boards.
  • Optimising board titles and descriptions.
  • Creating board covers that define your brand.
  • All about pinning.
  • Designing clickable pins.
  • How to post a pin and re-pin.
  • The best pinning ratio
  • Account automation
  • Understanding "pin-able" content.
  • Breaking down Pinterest analytics 

Preventing Pinterest Suspension

  • Learn how to preventing suspension.
  • Understand what not to do to set off Pinterest's 'spam detectors'.
  • Learn what to do if you are suspended - permanently and temporary.
  • Learn how to contact Pinterest if ever needed.


Order today and get access to 3 in-depth bonuses to help extend your Pinterest knowledge.

• Mastering Marketing On Pinterest - Email lists, e-commerce, and affiliate marketing.

• Moving Your Content Towards Trending Ideas

• What NOT To Do On Pinterest

Turning Your Blog Into a Money-Making Machine

Choosing An Ad Network

  • What Google Adsense look for in an application
  • Why Adsense?
  • Signing Up
  • What Mediavine Looks For In An Application
  • Why Mediavine?
  • How Much Can You Earn From Mediavine?
  • Signing Up

Collaborating With Brands

  • Learn how to work with brands
  • Finding brands to collaborate with
  • Finding blogging networks to try
  • Learn how to reach out to brands
  • Learn how to create a media kit
  • Finding free media kit templates
  • Understanding what you should include in your media kit
  • Learn how to write your pitch email
  • Understand how to follow up with brands
  • Learn what to do when brands reach out to you
  • Securing the bag

Selling Your Writing Skills

  • Understanding if selling your skills are right for you
  • Learn how to sell your skills
  • Finding other creators to team up with

Lead Magnet, Tripwire, Core Offer – Sales Funnels

  • Learn how a simple sales funnel works
  • Understanding why it works
  • Creating a professional and profitable time sequence

Digital Products

  • Learn how to sell your own products
  • Understand what you need to create your own products
  • Learn how to promote your products
  • Learn how to maximise your sales
  • Learn how to 'follow up' to increase sales
  • Creating an open dialogue with your customers

Monetising Your Brand

  • Learn how to monetise your brand
  • Understand why monetising your brand works

Affiliate Marketing

  • Understand why you should join affiliate marketing?
  • Learn how to promote products you know and love
  • Learn how to sell affiliate network products
  • Finding affiliate networks to try
  • Learn how to sell your affiliate products through your blog
  • Learn how to sell your affiliate products through your email list
  • Learn how to maximise your affiliate sales

Secrets Of Creating A Successful Blog

Module 1

• Creating content your audience will love

• Choosing and using the right keywords in your titles

• Creating a dynamic schedule to boost productivity

• Creating an effective 'about you' page

Module 2

• Learn how to make writing easier

• Learn how to make your writing more successful

• How to overcome procrastination and writer's block

• Keeping yourself motivated as a blogger

Module 3

• Learn about crucial elements to include on your sidebar

• Valuable plugins to make your life easier

• Learn about on-page SEO basics

• Site speed and how to minimise load time

Module 4

• How to build an email list

• Email marketing fundamentals 

Defining Your Brand

  • Understand the difference between brand and branding
  • Create a strong brand that stands out
  • Establish brand purpose
  • Construct your brand purpose
  • Build a powerful brand identity
  • Master the psychology behind colours

Work Smarter Not Harder

  • Increase your attention span and stay focused
  • Understanding and prioritising the tasks that are most profitable
  • Plan effectively
  • Set goals that boost your motivation
  • Develop a positive and productive routine
  • Eliminate distractions

What Do Other's Have To Say?

“Catapult Your Blog Into Success” is an amazing product! It has helped me set up a Pinterest business account, a blog, and I am already getting views on my pins which has led to views of my blog! The tips you offer in this course were exactly what I needed to get started on driving traffic from Pinterest to my blog. I’m excited to see what the coming months have in store for me as I get better and better with the techniques you have provided. Super happy I purchased! Thank you!

- @HabitReformer

Invest in yourself and take control of your blog today. This is your opportunity to create a blog that generates passive income, drives unlimited traffic, and blows your competitors out of the water. 

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Catapult Your Blog Into Success - Drive Traffic, Increase Growth, Maximise Profitability

10 ratings
I want this!