Big Pin Energy - How To Make Money & Drive Traffic With Pinterest

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I’m About To Reveal My Proven Tips, Tricks & Tactics On How To Turn Pinterest Into A Traffic-Generating Profit Machine…
These Tactics Helped Me Generate Over 1+ MILLION Views Within
My First Year on Pinterest – And Bank Over $30,000 In Profits.

Forget Everything You’ve Ever Believed Or Been Told About Pinterest

If you’re looking for a way to get free, targeted traffic to your own personal website, specific offers, e-commerce stores, or email opt-in pages – then I have three important words for you…

STOP ignoring Pinterest

As you may or may not know, Pinterest works like a gigantic visual search engine. Think of it like a giant online corkboard, where people can “pin” images and more that they personally love to their own “boards”. Pinterest current has over 300+ million monthly users and continues to grow.

Now here's where things get VERY interesting...

• 80% of Pinners pull out their credit cards to buy a product they’ve found on Pinterest.

• 72% of them use Pinterest to make the final choice of what to buy online.


This means that Pinterest is ripe with PRIMED BUYERS that are ready to buy YOUR products and services.

The best news of all? It's 100% free.

And you can either spend a fortune on paid ads...

Or leverage UNLIMITED free (and ready to buy) traffic to your websites and sales pages directly from Pinterest.

It doesn't require "tricks".

It's not a "hack".

Free traffic and growth require years of trial and error (that you won't have to go through).

Because it's already done!

My goal is to explain it so simply, you'll get the same thing so many of my students get:

• Ridiculous visits

• Undeniable results

• And cold, hard cash in just weeks!

Pinterest is a literal goldmine that you’ve probably been ignoring or haven’t taken seriously. Now I want to show you what it really takes to drive free traffic and maximize your growth and profits – only using Pinterest – and in the simplest way possible.


Hi, my name is Emily Dyson and for over the past few years, I’ve been obsessed with becoming a master at marketing with Pinterest. Since 2018, I’ve been running several very successful blogs – all fueled by traffic ‘siphoned’ from Pinterest.

In my first year of using Pinterest, I was able to drive over 1 million views, all thanks to Pinterest. I have helped over 450 students increase their traffic and turn Pinterest into a profitable side hustle.

Actual Google Analytics Traffic Screenshot of My First Year on Pinterest

(From Nov 2018 to 2019)

Total Ad Revenues I’ve Generated on My Websites While Using Pinterest To Drive Targeted Traffic

I Want To Help You

I want to help you save a whole lot of time, headaches and frustrations when it comes to becoming a master at Pinterest. I want to put you on the ‘fast track’ to success with Pinterest by taking advantage of my own experience, tips, and tactics.

This is exactly why I’ve created my very popular, NO FLUFF digital guides on Pinterest just for you that I’ve called Big Pin Energy - How To Make Money & Drive Traffic With Pinterest.


What Exactly Is Big Pin Energy?

Big Pin Energy is a set of exclusive step-by-step instructional guides that’ll show you how to tap into the power of Pinterest to increase online traffic and profits.

These exclusive guides include illustrated instructions, personal tips and tricks, unique and proven methods and techniques, and much more.

I’ll show you everything you need to know from how to set up your first Pinterest account, to creating your first clickable pins and boards, to automation and viral pinning - and just everything else in between.

I make the entire process not only super easy for you to understand, but also easy for you to implement right away. Big Pin Energy contains ZERO FLUFF - only the info you need to succeed with Pinterest.

Who Is Big Pin Energy Made For?

Big Pin Energy has been created specifically for people just like yourself who want to use Pinterest as a traffic generating tool to boost traffic, leads, and sales.

Pinterest will be a total game-changer for you if you’re a blogger, business owner, e-commerce store owner, affiliate marketer, or an online influencer. But only if you know how to use Pinterest in the right way to maximize your results (which I’ll show you how to do).


Big Pin Energy Covers...

Big Pin Energy comes complete with 2 main guides and 3 bonus guides. Between all of the guides, you’ll discover what Pinterest is, how it works, how to setup your own account, how to pin and setup boards, how to create beautiful pins that get clicks, how to master marketing on Pinterest, and so much more. Big Pin Energy is a complete A-Z resource and blueprint on how to setup and profit using Pinterest.



✅ Why Pinterest is an absolute goldmine when it comes to targeted traffic and profit potential – no matter if you’re looking for more subscribers, leads, or direct sales!

✅ Find out what Pinterest is, how it works, the different types of pins, what “boards” are, and everything else you’ll ever need to succeed with Pinterest!

✅ My simple (and proven) 4-part Pinterest Growth Strategy you can use right away, even if you’re a complete ‘newbie’ to Pinterest. I’ll show you everything you need to know!

✅ How to setup your very first Pinterest account and profile in a way that sets the right foundation for your future success. It’s vital you get this right from day one!

✅ Should you use a personal or business account on Pinterest? The answer may surprise you. I’ll show which type of account actually works better, and why!

✅ I’ll reveal the 4 different types of “Rich Pins” and how you can quickly configure them in order to make your pins more effective and powerful!

✅ The right way to setup and optimize your pin boards on Pinterest. Learn what they are, how they work, and my personal tips for setting them up for long-term success and profits!

✅ Discover the real truth about group boards, and my unique alternative to group boards that’ll get your pins seen and shared by 15X more people who are interested in your content!

✅ How to create captivating pin titles and descriptions that’ll ‘hook’ your ideal audience and make your pins irresistible! Getting this right will open up the flood gates of new traffic!

✅ The specific apps I personally use to design all of my clickable pins. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a graphic design whiz kid to design beautiful and captivating pins!

✅ I’ll reveal what colors, fonts and images work the best on Pinterest, as well as pin sizing, and if you should add a website logo or links to your pins. This information is a MUST!

✅ My complete step-by-step process - and personal tips - on how to post image pins, video pins, story pins, and even re-pinning (saving) pins from other users.

✅ How much should you pin every day? Should you automate the pinning process? How can you increase your chances for “viral” pins? What makes for a “good pin” and a “bad pin”? I’ll answer all of these questions and more!

✅ A complete do’s and don’ts list of what you should never do on Pinterest and what you should be doing on a regular basis to rise above the competition!

✅ A complete breakdown of the best practices you’ll need to follow in order to avoid getting suspended on Pinterest – and what to do if you do get temporarily or permanently suspended.

Exclusive Bonus Material

With that being said, in order to take your success with Pinterest to the next level of expertise, I’m going to give you instant access to 3 must-read bonus guides when you order today.

These in-depth bonus guides will help take your Pinterest growth + profits to much greater levels of success - and in a shorter amount of time.


By extending your own knowledge and expertise of Pinterest when it comes to becoming a TRUE MASTER at marketing on Pinterest, creating amazing content, and avoiding common pitfalls.

Inside these 3 additional bonuses, you’ll also discover how to…

✅ Boost your success by using the traffic generating power of Pinterest to grow your own email subscriber lists and increase affiliate and e-commerce store sales!

✅ Make the “content shift” towards trending ideas to explode your traffic using Pinterest. Get this right and watch the flood gates of traffic open for you!

✅ Use my simple and effective Pinterest Search Method to help you easily generate hundreds of new ideas for quality blog posts!

✅ Reveal the hottest breakout trends on Pinterest - in a matter of seconds. This will give you amazing content ideas that can help create sticky content people actually want to consume!

✅ Avoid the 6 biggest things you should never do on Pinterest. Knowing these 6 things will not only keep your account active, but it’ll allow you to focus on what’ll grow your account (and traffic) in a much faster and more efficient way!


Big Pin Energy Is Already Helping Everyday People Get REAL RESULTS Online!



What niches work best on Pinterest?

- Pinterest is very female based. With that being said, if your audience is mainly male-based and you want to get into Pinterest, you can still grow your account. It might just take a little longer.

A few of the top niches are food and drinks - recipes, lifestyle, entertainment, education, fashion, travel, and interior design.

Will I get access to future eBook updates?

- Yes, of course! Whenever I update this eBook, you will get an email containing the new files.

How long does it take before I start to see results?

- This guide is not meant for people who are expecting overnight results. Like any successful business, in order to have success with Pinterest, you must put in the daily work and give it time to grow. But with that being said, once you know what it takes to grow your own Pinterest accounts (which I’ll show you), and you take the right steps – you can start to see results between 1-8 weeks on average. It all depends if you’re starting from scratch, how much action you take, as well as what niche you’re in.


A Quick Overview of Everything You’ll Get

When you invest in Big Pin Energy, you’ll get the 2 main guides and 3 bonuses guides. Here’s a quick overview of everything you’ll get instant access to when you purchase below…

• The Growth Blueprint

• Preventing Pinterest Suspension

• Mastering Marketing on Pinterest

• Moving Your Content Towards Trending Topics

• What Not To Do On Pinterest

PLUS, you’ll also receive…

• My Private Support Email - Ask me any questions you want!

• Lifetime Updates on all guides – This is 100% free to you for life!

Considering the information, tips, and methods I’ll be sharing with you inside Big Pin Energy has generated millions of views and over $25,000+ in pure profits for me – I know I could easily turn this into a course and sell it for $500.

But I’m not interested in charging $500, $300 or even $100 for this information. I don’t want you to have to ‘break the bank’ in order to get access to Big Pin Energy.

This is why I’ve decided to offer instant access to all 5 guides, private email support + lifetime updates to you for... $47


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Big Pin Energy - How To Make Money & Drive Traffic With Pinterest

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