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20 Click-Worthy Canva Pin Templates

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So you want to take your Pinterest account to the next level, but...

• You are finding it hard to create new and fresh pins.

• You are spending too much time creating pins that don't convert into clicks.

• You have no idea what a good pin graphic should even look like.

I was in your position when I first started Pinterest. I struggled to create beautiful pin graphics and spent hours creating graphics that just ended up looking horrible. It was frustrating. However, discovering pin templates made my life so much easier. I still use templates to this day to create pins quickly and efficiently.

You don't have to struggle anymore. Introducing 20 Click-Worthy Canva Pin Templates.

The Offer

I will provide you with 20 high-quality pin templates that will convert. These templates are customizable, meaning all you have to do is switch out the image, text, and colours. 

Say goodbye to spending hours creating pins! With this package, you will be able to design pins with ease and confidence.

What Will I Get?

• 20 customisable pin templates for Canva.

• 10 pin templates use the ratio 600w X 1200h px.

• 10 pin templates use the ratio 600w X 900h px.

• All pin templates are fitted with space to add your URL.

• All pin templates are suitable for any niche.

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20 Click-Worthy Canva Pin Templates

2 ratings
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